Strategies to Chalk Out for a Wise Commercial Property Manager

Having appointed as the manager of a commercial property, you might be assigned a good number of responsibilities. However, what is important is identifying the most crucial ones that will do justice in property management and raise property value in the process. So, if you want to be an efficient manager of a commercial real estate, here are some great suggestions that will help you in the long-run.

  • Retain your tenants – What happens in the case of residential properties is that you get tenants easily and that too without spending lump sums. On the contrary, finding tenants for commercial properties is a bit challenging and quite expensive as well. In fact, there are cases where it might take up to nine months. Furthermore, you need to sign the lease and might have to spend a good deal of money for the space to make it leasable. So, a wise strategy is to retain your existing clients as much as possible, and this also would be a great way to keep your income intact. Therefore, a property manager must be extremely proactive and maintain steady communication with the tenant.
  • Keep your property maintained – A well-maintained property always leaves a high chance for tenants to get attracted. Moreover, the look of a building plays a key role in lending success to a business. However, it’s true that tenants always agree to pay more for well-maintained properties. As a matter of fact, commercial properties are designated as Class A, Class B, and Class C. Accordingly, it has been found that tenants usually settle for Class C properties and gradually move to Class A properties. In case of all the properties, deferred maintenance can result later in pricey fixes. So, if you feel, you can always seek assistance from an experienced manager in carrying out all the necessary inspections.
  • Know the type of property – The commercial property you are going to manage must be well-known to you in regard to its type. Whether it is a simple office, retail or any industrial property, different sets up need different skill sets and strategies. In fact, understanding the customer and even maintenance skills vary in such matters. So, you should know about all those amenities required by your tenants, the services you will be offering and the sustenance of the aesthetic standards of the type of property you are going to manage. Furthermore, you need to know about the different equipment as well as all about various preventive requirements for maintenance.
  • Know leases in detail – It’s a bitter truth yet reality that leases are hard to comprehend and therefore quite complex. Despite, one of the best ways to raise the value of a commercial property is undergoing a thorough analysis in regard to the lease provisions in place. Among the many lease provisions, some either let the owner accumulate more money or bill back the expenses. In case of big properties, there are different lease variations meant for different tenants. So, one must have a clear conception regarding every lease as well as the diligence throughout the whole time you will be owning the property.
  • Keep a strategy of your own – Just like you have certain plans in mind while making a big investment, you should have similar plans while managing a commercial property. A set questions and their answers should be ready with you. For instance, the reason for investing in property, how to achieve the upside potential, what is your holding period and how can it affect the investments should all be known to you while considering a property for evaluation. Once you have purchased the property, keep the game plan on so that you can strategize well and get good results. Again, you can talk to a veteran asset manager who will help you get the job done with ease.
  • Target your improvements beforehand – A smart strategy to raise a property value is by setting targets in regard to making improvements. Remember, the value of a commercial property is solely dependent on the income generated. Moreover, it does not take much to measure the value of an improvement depending on the significant rise in rent.


So, managing a commercial property can indeed be a rewarding investment if the property manager keeps the above points in mind. Just a bit of research, knowledge, education, and presence of mind would make him a great manager of a commercial property.


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