Real Estate and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Although the year 2017 is about to end, real estate marketing strategies are constantly undergoing changes. It’s true that the real estate industry has shown both ups and down in the previous decade, this year and also the upcoming one can be prospective for all those who are willing to take up fresh marketing strategies. Well, the recent trend says that a huge percentage of buyers are looking for more legwork online prior to taking help of experts. Reports have said that around 92% of the buyers make use of the internet in order to search for their ideal home. If you are, therefore, not an active internet user, you might actually miss out a lot in the process.

Here are some wise real estate marketing ideas that would help you get into the business. Take a look:

  • Make your presence on social media – Currently, there are plenty of social media platforms where you can sign up and get engaged in a good number of activities. Furthermore, this will give you an opportunity to network on a wider scale. The more you interact with users, the easier it will be to promote your property.


  • Stay aware of the rising competition – It is quite essential for you to keep track of the realtors in your area as to what exactly they are doing. Visit their websites and find out how active they are on the social media platforms. If you can keep an eye on what your competitors are up to, you will be able to judge your position in this rat race.


  • Do not hurry too much – No matter what business marketing plans you have in mind, do not hurry as that might cost you a lot. Success comes with patience and therefore, you need to take time and proceed accordingly. Create your own website, give a new look to it, join social media sites and promote your property at a slow pace.


  • Keep routes open for easy contact – In today’s world, there are plenty of mediums through which communication can take place. If you are having a website of your own, make sure that you have a nice Contact Us page where your desired audience can communicate with you in regard to your property.


  • Keep your website live and active – One of the best ways to keep your website live and active among your target audience is to make it appealing with well-written contents. Write blogs and articles on the best aspects of your property. Fill it with such quality information that your visitors might get interested to contact you. Moreover, the more content you will be posting, the better will be your website’s visibility.


  • Create a Pinterest board – Believe it or not, one of the wisest ways to put up images and information for specific listings is to set up a Pinterest board. This will help your visitors get a clear glance of your property along with the benefit of the area where it is located.


  • Keep your website mobile-friendly – Today, the number of smartphone users has gone high in leaps and bounds. There are tech-savvy consumers who prefer spending most of their times on their smartphones. So, if you are willing to attract your target audience and make them know everything about your property, just make sure that your website opens fast on any smartphone.


  • Have a newsletter of your own – There is no other better strategy than Email marketing. This helps a lot in strengthening client relationships. You can, therefore, send necessary details to your email subscribers. In this process, you can let them know about fresh houses in the market, news about seminars in their areas and more.


  • Arrange a webinar – Webinars are nothing but seminars conducted on the web. This can be a great opportunity for you to bring your audiences together and inform them everything about your property. These are held through webcams through which you can answer their queries then and there. So, instead of waiting for your audience as to when they would contact you, you can always take help of webinars.


  • Partner With Local Businesses – Creating good relationships with other businesses in your locality will be a great way to promote your property. You can always look for local breakfast joints through which you can get new coffee mugs and get your logo embossed on them. In fact, you can do a lot of creative stuff with local partnerships.  

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