Do you need a Property Manager?

Property Management


Investing in Real Estate is a popular way of earning passive income and diversifying investment portfolios. A well-planned property investment strategy can lead to the appreciation of the value of your properties. Proper management of the properties is a critical part of that strategy and this is where the need to hire a professional to manage your properties can arise.

What are the functions of property managers? How can they help you maximize your returns on your property investment?

Functions of property managers


Property managers are dedicated and will give your property the professional attention it deserves

If you are like most people, then you invest in property to improve your finances but you are not an ‘expert’ in that field. As a result, you are bound to overlook some details that would come with putting up a property for rental. For example, you may not be able to get a blocked water pipe repaired early because you are too busy doing other things. This may lead to the demise of your property as tenants complain and your building gets a bad reputation.

If you have a dedicated property manager, then she will act fast in addressing issues like these. An experienced property manager will handle the bulk of the dirty work for you while you focus on your career and family.


Property managers are geographically closer to your properties

It is common to have property owners who live very far away from their properties. For example, if you stay in Los Angeles and your property is in New York then managing it yourself can be a logistical nightmare. It even gets worse when you have multiple properties in different cities.

At Rent Directory we will search our directory and provide a competent property manager who is close to your property and most suited to your needs. This solves many of the problems that arise when you are in a different city with the property you are leasing out. For example, the property manager will do house inspections and liaise with tenants on your behalf.

These managers will also compare rentals of similar properties and help you fix a rental rate for your tenants that is viable and competitive.

Their proximity to your property will make this easy for them. Otherwise, this would be a big challenge for you to do on your own remotely.


Property Managers will take all the trouble that comes with looking for and communicating with tenants.

Marketing is a critical aspect of property managers. A good property manager will help you get occupants for your property. Even after getting the tenants, the property manager will continually deal with these tenants.

There are many challenges that come with physically dealing with tenants. For example, there are issues to deal with like evictions and other complaints. If you are not experienced in these matters, then you may really find it difficult to cope.

The Property managers represented by Rent Directory will ensure that the lease agreement is being adhered to by the tenants especially regarding the maintenance of the property.

These managers will perform employment and income verification of potential tenants. These careful background checks are another critical function of property managers. You can imagine how difficult this will be if you are inexperienced and you try doing it on your own.

Collecting rentals can also be a challenge especially if the tenants are defaulting. With our property managers though, you never have to be stressed about that. You simply leave it in the hands of the manager and they will handle anything


Property Managers will schedule regular maintenance

Buildings need constant maintenance and repair to attract interest from potential tenants. A well-maintained building will increase in value when it goes on the market thereby maximizing returns on investment.

There are plenty aspects that need attention on properties like electrical, landscape, roofs and plumbing. A good property manager will find the best contractors for all these aspects and inspect their work. The property manager will also negotiate the best rates for these services.

Chances are you would find it difficult and time-consuming to do all these on your own thus a property manager will be indispensable.


Finding the right Property Manager is crucial

Having said the above, it’s critical to add that hiring the wrong property manager will have a negative effect on your investment. Indeed, doing that will literally be a costly decision. A property manager will represent your business and brand and as such, there is a plenty at stake.

At Rent Directory we fully appreciate this and that is why we go the extra mile to vet the property managers we represent on our site. The managers we will link you with are experienced and reputable.


We will link you with property managers all across the United States who will be best suited for you and your business needs. These managers will take care of all coordination for property showings and will handle correspondences with all current occupying tenants.

Start your search today with Rent Directory and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a competent property do the legwork for you while your simply collect the rental checks month after month.


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